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Membership Program

Be a member of team Reeves. This is a program that we developed for our customers to save money. Reeves offers a single, double or triple membership. For a small fee Reeves will come out and service your plumbing system, air conditioner or furnace/ boiler. This fee also gains you access to preferred scheduling placement and discounted pricing. Its well worth the investment.

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About The Company

Reeves Plumbing & Heating is family owned and operated and strives to produce the best quality residential and commercial plumbing, heating and air-conditioning services in the entire area. Reeves also gives back to the community by doing all of the plumbing for Habitat for Humanity. We do roughly two houses a year and feel it is the least we can do for our neighbors. From hard work and dedication our company has grown to be the leading Plumbing & Heating company in our area.

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Our Services


Our certified technicians can handle any of those leaky faucets or broken drains. Reeves knows that you want somebody in your home that you can trust, so we have a standard one year warranty on all of our installations, no questions asked!

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Heating and Cooling

Reeves Plumbing & Heating Company has the knowledge to correct your home comfort problems. At Reeves we classify your heating System as a Home or Business comfort system. Reeves’ has the knowledge to make you feel as comfortable...

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Water Heaters

Reeves plumbing can size, install, repair or replace any of your hot water heating needs so that you get the maximum efficiency out of your equipment. This can be replacing your existing hot water tank or even installing a tank-less...

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Air Conditioning

At Reeves we install reliable home comfort systems such as American Standard products. As a green company, Reeves recommends a high effiency air conditioner/ heat pump not only to reduce green house gas emissions but to also increase...

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